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Residential CCTV Systems

A home CCTV system should never be seen as a cheapened down business system, a home CCTV system requires exactly the same level of quality equipment, be aware of Companies that regard a home CCTV system as being a cheap, fit 3 in a day affair.

Home CCTV CarlisleAt DTec we give every bit the same attention to a home CCTV system that we do with a business CCTV CarlisleCCTV system. We
 understand most importantly it’s your home and that it deserves respect, cleanliness and above all a CCTV system that will secure your family and property.

You will only ever fit one CCTV system in your house, it’s imperative you fit the right one. Price is very important, but so is polite professional clean engineers, equipment that delivers quality images for years to come and a Company that picks up the phone and responds quickly if a fault occurs.

All the equipment we is install is bursting with the latest features, our digital video recorders use the very latest H.264 compression allowing for extended recording times, easy back up of incidents via USB, live display and even remote viewing via computer or mobile phone, the recording units we supply are controlled by a computer mouse and are very easy to use. Our cameras are all fitted as standard with good quality components and most have infra-red emitters allowing the camera to see even in total darkness.

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