Computer Upgrades & Components
Desktop PCs are built from lots of different components. And most of them are up-gradable..

Whether you need to upgrade your graphics capabilities for gaming, added RAM for video / photographic projects or extra storage for films and media, we have the components and expertise you need to get the best from your computer.

If you need a custom PC from scratch, we can supply everything you need from the CPU and motherboard to the case and Memory.

We can help you build the ultimate PC.



Graphics Cards
If you’re gaming, a dedicated graphics card is a must. A more powerful graphics card will run games at higher frames per seconds, and some are even capable of 4K gaming. We Stock a good selection of the latest Nvidia graphics cards and can advise you on the best choice for your favorite games.

Power Supplies
If your upgrading your graphics we will let you know if you need to improve any other components in your PC, you may need a more powerful PSU to cope with the added current draw.

The more Random access memory ( RAM for short ) you have the more you can do at once, Complicated software like Adobe Photoshop and Premier require large amounts of RAM to run at their best. Some games also perform better with extra RAM.

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