Computer Virus Removal
The first thing most people notice when they have a computer virus is when strange things start to happen, suddenly some files are missing or antivirus programs keep saying they are infected.

What Is A Computer Virus?

Viruses are a type of “malware” this is a term covering all types of “malicious software”. The most common Viruses that people come in contact with are Worms and Trojan Horses.

The people who create viruses are very clever at hiding their bugs mainly to avoid being detected by antivirus software, unfortunately even the best antivirus will not detect all types of infestation. Some of these viruses block your antivirus from accessing the web so it’s unable to update your definitions thus making you unprotected against the latest threats. If you think your computer is infected then update your virus protection straight away and run a full virus scan or if you are unsure seek our professional help.

How Computer Viruses Work?

A virus usually hides inside another program or file and is generally delivered via the internet or email, the most common places people get viruses from are the file sharing networks and torrent sites or trying to download pirated music / videos. Most virus problems we get in for repair aren’t what’s known as destructive they are more of an annoyance, or are used to capture information from your computer e.g. bank details / personal information.



Virus / Spyware / Adware Removal
If you think your computer has been infected and you are unsure what to do contact DTec without delay to arrange our virus removal service. virus removal Penrith 01768 895600 or virus removal Carlisle 01228 409222

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a piece of software that installs on your computer or laptop sometimes with, but more often without your permission. The purpose of spyware is to monitor your computer usage. This includes gathering information about your age, gender, and what websites you visit; this information is normally used for targeted advertising. Spyware may also be used to aid identity theft. It’s easy to see why with the current high profile of identity theft, that spyware removal is becoming a big thing. Spyware can be downloaded with file sharing software. If you use file sharing software like limewire etc you are at the highest risk of having problems.

What is Adware?

Similar to Spyware, Adware monitors your web browsing and then delivers you targeted adverts. This type of malware is often considered as a type of spyware luckily most spyware and adware can be removed. If you have a Spyware or Adware problem please contact us.

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