Laptop Speed Up
Everyone wants a faster laptop and if you are reading this the chances are that your laptop is running slow, maybe you have an older laptop that used to be fine but now it’s going at a snail’s pace or maybe you have a relatively new laptop that works fine but you want it to be faster. Sometimes to improve system performance we can offer a software clean-up that removes any unnecessary programs that are running in the background. For this we usually charge £19.20, it’s a fairly simple job that can sometimes transform the speed of your laptop.

Slow Laptop at Snails Pace

Laptop SSD Upgrade Service

Laptop Upgrades
Sometimes your laptop will need a hardware upgrade laptop RAM is fairly cheap and is easily fitted ram upgrades start from around £25 depending on the type and capacity needed.
SSD Drives
SSD storage drives are up to 10x faster than the standard mechanical drives that are fitted to laptops, we offer an SSD drive upgrade service that starts from £89 for this we will supply a new SSD drive that will replace your old mechanical hard drive and we will clone the data over onto your new SSD, not only do SSD drives improve the performance they also improve battery life, and because they have no moving parts they are less sensitive to shock or impact.

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