Internal 2.5″ 240GB SSD

Price: £99.00

AMD 240GB Serial 2.5″ Solid State Drive

  • 240GB 2.5″
  • S-ATA 600
  • 520MB/s Seq Read 470MB/s Seq Write

Product Description

• Looking for the best way to boost your PC or laptop performance? Look no further than Radeon R3 SSD drives.
• With speeds greater than 10x that of a traditional hard drive, you can now access programs and boot up operating systems unbelievably fast.
• The slim 2.5inch form factor is compatible with desktop PCs as well as most notebooks.
• Intel or AMD-based systems, laptops and desktops.

Product Features

Warranty 1yr Warranty
Support Lifetime Tech Support From DTec Computers
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