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CCTV is used by lots of businesses in many sectors. For business and commercial organisations, security is a major concern. From pubs to car showrooms, garden centres to farms the need for adequate security is universal. Our professionally installed business CCTV systems are widely used across Carlisle, Penrith and surrounding areas. We have been installing commercial CCTV systems for over 10 years this means we are very experienced in the planning and instillation of surveillance equipment.

Business CCTV Installation
Business CCTV Installation
Commercial CCTV Remote Access
Commercial CCTV Remote Access

CCTV Remote Access

All of the commercial CCTV systems we install are capable of remote access.  In other words you can view installed cameras remotely using a mobile phone, tablet or computer.  All you need to do this is a internet connection and a compatible device.  Remote access is useful monitor how hard staff are working or keep and eye on health and safety risks.

Viewable Over Local Network

Images from our Business CCTV equipment can be viewed over your local network. Some customers have the CCTV recorder located in a server room but have the live images displayed on multiple screens through out the office. Its even possible to view images from multiple sites at different locations on the same computer screen. You wont miss anything!

Business CCTV
Business CCTV Viewable On a Computer
Night Vision Camera
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Night Vision CCTV

Our HD Business CCTV systems work well at night even in total darkness. The Gate at the top middle of this image is approx 30 meters away. We have cameras with night vision that can see up to 150 meters in total darkness.

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