CCTV In The Home
CCTV In The Home

Home CCTV Installation

A home CCTV system should never be seen as a cheapened down business system, a home CCTV system requires exactly the same level of quality equipment. If not more attention to detail is needed because nobody wants to see ugly cables run around the outside of their home. A residential systems need to be installed tidily with discreet cameras. On a residential installation usually we would fit smaller HD turret cameras because they are neat. We can supply them in white or gun metal grey.

Different Resolution Cameras

D1 Resolution is the blurry images that you see on the TV of a news agents getting robbed. The minimum resolution we install is 2MP also known as full HD. The majority of customers go with 4MP camera. This is a higher resolution and enables customers to digitally enhance the image ( zoom in ) on areas of the picture. the cost difference between 2MP and 4MP is minimal usually about £30 per camera. With 4MP Cameras you have a better chance of identifying faces and car number plates. Moving up from 4MP is 8MP 4k currently this is the highest resolution camera that we install. The level of detail is fantastic if you want a demo of the different resolution cameras please let us know.

Turret CCTV Cameras

Home CCTV Equipment

This picture shows product images of the cameras that we usually install on residential properties.  Depending on what you are trying to capture we use two different models one with 2.8mm lens and one with 4mm lens. We would choose the 2.8mm version for close up subjects because is a wider angle approx 100 degree horizontal. For subjects further away we go with the 4mm. The turret cameras are fairly discreet some customers choose to have a larger bullet camera installed these are more prominent and give better night time performance.

Viewable From Mobile & Tablet

With DTec you can view your Home CCTV system from anywhere. You could be sitting on a beech in Spain or down the local pub. Live real time viewing is possible you can also view recorded footage remotely. The app is easy to use and is available or apple and android devices. You can also access your home CCTV remotely using a Windows or Apple computer. If you would like a demo of the app or further information please contact us call 01228 409222 or 01768 895600.

CCTV Viewable On Mobile & Tablet

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Why Choose DTec CCTV

As a leading CCTV Installer in the Carlisle and Penrith Areas. We only install good quality and specification CCTV Equipment. We help protect what matters to you most whether its your home or business.

All of the systems we install are what is known as IP CCTV. IP cameras use CAT5e network cable rather than the older coaxial cable. One advantage of using CAT5e is future upgrade-ability all newer higher spec cameras use it. So down the line if you wanted to upgrade to the latest model you have a better chance of not needing to change the already installed cables.

Our CCTV systems offer the following:

15 Times Higher Resolution

Compared to standard systems our CCTV Installations can deliver images up to 10 times clearer and crisper. It can be like watching High Definition TV.

Far Wider Fields of View

Our CCTV Cameras can capture far more detail in a far greater area than ever before. This means that you have a better chance of identifying that nuisance neighbour or dodgy criminals.

Overwrite Recording

This means your CCTV System has the ability to transmit and store high quality images without ever running out of space.  We specify storage to last at least 14 days once full it over writes the older footage automatically. Longer record duration can be achieved using larger storage drives.

Ease Of Use

All our Home CCTV Systems are view-able on the connected screen, via mobile and tablet and or on a Computer ( extra software required ).  The CCTV recorder is easy to use its operated by a mouse and works just like a computer.